Stag Do: How To Do It Like A King

We bet you could seduce any woman with all those crazy and charming stories you’ve had in your life, being the amazing man you actually are. But wait a second: you already did! Or maybe your best friend did. Marriage is truly one of the wildest and most exciting adventures of all times, and if there’s one coming up in your or your friend’s life, there is one thing you must do properly first. So, here’s a goldmine of killer tips for throwing a stag do the world will never ever forget!

Are you bored with being offered the same options by every stag do agency? You want something special? Something that can really turn you and this big night on? The team of Budapest Stag Do is at your service: experience our specialty bachelor party venue and enjoy the new wave services we offer for our clients. How about an airport limousine transfer, sight-seeing and private shows offered by the city’s most gorgeous stripper girls – only and exclusively for you? Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it? Then read on…

  1. SPARTAAAAA!!! – do you know the story?

The history of stag parties can be traced back…wait for it…all the way back to ancient Greece! Yes, you’ve heard/read it right! It was Sparta that introduced this tradition to the world. The soon-to-be married man celebrated with his comrades the night before the wedding, enjoying a feast and toasts to the end of his youth and continued commitment to the cause.

And while hundreds and hundreds of years have passed since then, men are still doing it – maybe changing the scenario a bit, leaving the armor behind and stuff (or maybe not?). But yes, they are very much doing it. Why? Because it is one of the manliest things of all times! A stag is always the leader of his pack! So, let’s not let down our ancestors, shall we?

  1. The Fellowship of the Ring – choose your allies & time wisely

Bachelor parties are usually organized by the best man or maybe a brother of the groom, but it is getting more and more common to trust a best friend to handle this delicate matter. But it is the groom who should put together the guest list! Don’t get any wild ideas, don’t extend the guest list to a mega party, just for the sake of it. Let the groom decide who he wants to wave goodbye his before-marriage years with. And one other thing: never ever schedule the bachelor party the night before the wedding!

  1. Divide & rule! – cost estimate the awesomeness in advance

Nothing more embarrassing than the awkward silence over unexpected costs. Oh, so the card terminal is broken? Oh, so the service fee is not yet included? Say no to this and plan ahead. Put together a list of ideas, choose a country/city/location and listen to your mates. All of you have different experiences and shared adventures with the groom-to-be, so hear them out. When you send out the invitation (app. a month before your legendary stag party), include a rough estimation of how much it would cost per person.

  1. Conquer the world – start with Budapest

First, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the entire world (according to a survey by Conde Nast Traveler). Also, it is absolutely freaking beautiful, check out this video. On top of that, it is quite affordable – yet offers you the highest quality, premium stag do activities you could ever wish for, from the break of dawn till the most exclusive nightlife ideas.

Let the city and its amazing people take care of all your needs from start to finish. More precisely, let our amazing team serve you on this unique journey. The passionate and professional Budapest Stag Do party organizers will surely satisfy your every need!

Being the ambassador of the juiciest & new wave stag do party ideas we do not settle on the average.

From the first moment to the last our personliazed tours will seduce you with the hottest experiences: sit in your private limousine already at the airport, cruise down the streets of Budapest in the company of the most beautiful stripper girls, let them reveal to you the city’s hidden secrets and then go deep into Marilyn Night Club, the downtown’s most luxurious and exclusive night club, awaiting your with steamy private shows and absolute VIP treatment.

A prieceless experience on a very friendly price. Let your stag do be a one-night stand you will never ever forget!

And now let’s raise our glass to you, organizing a legendary and truly exclusive bachelor party with us! We hope to see you soon in our beautiful Budapest. Do the ‘stagging’ like a king and let us take care of the rest.

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