Discover The Night Club You’ll Never Want To Leave

There are hidden, secret societies pulsing underneath every radiant metropolis and city… Hidden gems only the daring ones can discover, Gardens of Eden only the privileged have the pleasure to enter. Budapest is no different…Yet it offers something very different to those who have a refined taste for luxury and exclusivity. And her name is: Marilyn.

All people know about the existence of striptease bars and night clubs, yet only very few of them have the courtesy to pursue hands-on experience before judging – yet they are very keen on judging. One of the biggest misconceptions about striptease bars is that people tend to put an equation mark between striptease and sex or even whoring. They couldn’t be more wrong. It is time to strip down prejudice.

Striptease is about fantasy, not about sex.

Striptease is the closest dreams can get to reality, and as such, people naturally are inclined to deny their curiosity towards it. As it would involve a huge level of self-exposure. There is no cover, no pretending, just raw pleasure. But those who are daring enough to give in to pleasure and enter a secluded and exclusive nocturnal world of unleashed desires, well, they can experience something that extends their perception of the law of attraction.

Marilyn knows that, this is exactly why she offers an extremely wide array of luxurious shows and programs on more than 300 square meters, in the heart of Budapest, so that her privileged guests can satisfy their every kind of needs and desires.

Striptease is not the new sexy, it is the ever-sexy

Striptease is almost as old as human history in one form or another. Therefore, it is sometimes perceived as something used, some tradition stuck in the past. But striptease – just as our desires and lifestyle – evolves. Furthermore, it exceeds our expectations: the ability to answer such desires we haven’t even thought of or realized yet. And this ability makes striptease an essential part of our modern lives.

Striptease is the liberation of suppressed desires

As the rise of the internet came, the endless virtual opportunities it created have successfully distanced people from engaging in real life experiences. Although, the longing for closeness and connectivity remained untouched: though suppressed, hidden in our everyday agenda.

Entering the velvety twilight of a luxurious night club empowers people to release it, to yield to it. Without judgement, without consequences.

Marilyn knows how much her guests expect from her, so what she offers indeed surpasess even the wildest expectations.

She lets you in to her wonderland free of charge – and take all your coats and unnecessary packages while she’s at it (free cloakroom as well)

After welcoming you in her warm embrace, you’ll find yourself seduced and pampered by dancer girls just as beautiful, adventurous and exotic you have ever dared to imagine in your dreams.

Then you are offered a palette of bewildering shows and performances, you just need to take your pick – whatever you have the taste for: lap dance, pole dance, table dance, private dance. And if you’d like to max out the experience in a private, secluded environment, you can fairly name your phantasy, she will have a room that is perfectly fit for it.

Marilyn is the queen of 10 different private rooms – offering absolute privacy for smaller VIP groups just as well as more spacious private heavens accommodating the wildest Budapest Stag Do parties the world has ever seen. A room full of mirrors, a boudoir with a tantra bed centerpiece or a special room for those who seek out to be submitted to a higher and sexy power.

Marilyn knows everything there is to know about desire and satisfaction. So only one question remains: are you willing to yield to it?

We look forward to welcoming you!

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