Table dance

Our table dance show is the eternal classic program of nightclubs, pretty girls entertain our guests with wild table dances.

Pole dance

The “sensual” intersection of dance any gymnastics is pole dance, in the course of which our decorative dancer girls dazzle our guests with a sensual show. The genre that requires exceptional flexibility and agility provides a wonderful view: the special show by the girls of Marilyn, erotically spiced up, requiring strength and endurance, provides an exhilarating experience.

Lesbian show

With the eyes of a man, there is perhaps no spectacle that is more beautiful than when two girls are erotically entangled, and are visibly pleasured by each other’s company. During our lesbian show, we realize the dreams of most men: our beautiful girls enchant our guests in Marilyn with a sensual show.

Lap dance

If You are bored of only being a viewer of the strip show, our Lap dance show is the perfect choice for You, where You can enjoy the sexy dance of the girls on Marilyn, up-close.

Bachelor show

Are You only days, weeks away from taking the eternal vow to the love of Your life? This is the time to throw a last great party before the wedding! Can You imagine a bachelor party without an excellent strip show or lesbian show?  Of course not, if You ask us! Select from our programs, the erotic shows of our dancer girls will be an eternal experience for You and Your friends!

Surprise show

Are You preparing for a bachelor party, and You would like for the last great party before the wedding to conclude with a really memorable evening? Select our surprise show, about which we can only reveal as much that You will partake in a dazzling show and definitive experience in the company of the girls of Marilyn! (We include a guest in the show as well.)

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Bride show

You are just before Your wedding, but You feel like You are not ready for the “big day”? Gentlemen, here is the opportunity to practice for the ceremony! We welcome You at Marilyn with one of the popular programs of bachelor parties, the Bride show, where we help You get ready for the definitive moment of Your life with a lustful show by our passionate dancer girls! (We include a guest in the show as well.)