When deciding on the most desirable feminine features, everyone takes different aspects into account. As always, opinions and tastes are largely divided; however, according to this video – based on scientific surveys – some characteristics have distinguished significance for men.

Like it or not, men place far greater importance on external characteristics than women. This has evolutionary reasons, namely that men instinctually look at things in light of preserving the species – including their own “efficiency” – while women tend to think the exact opposite way. Since the number of offspring a woman can produce at the same time is biologically limited, her goal is to find a partner that would take care of the kid(s) as well as herself on the long term, so inner qualities matter much more in her case.

Of course, the situation is not so simple, as instinctive behaviour is supplemented by a number of factors, such as social norms, habits, or even lifestyle but it is undoubted that coquetry (flirting) and sexuality play key roles in female attractiveness, because without these, a man’s chances for reproduction, which is one his primary objectives, are diminished. But let’s see what are the external qualities that men consider the most important in woman:

Hips and waist

It is no coincidence that, over the centuries, women always tried to present themselves with favourable waist-to-hip ratios, for example using corsets or clothing padded around the hips and buttocks areas. Scientific research shows that it is optimal when a woman’s waist-to-hip ratio is the closest to 7:10. The reason is that this “hourglass” shape activates the areas of the brain that are responsible for a man’s attention and social behaviour, sending the message that this lady would make the most suitable candidate for bearing his successor.


While – among other outside qualities – women prefer men with deep voices, the opposite is true for the ladies. This is explained by the fact that a higher-pitched voice is a sign of a smaller stature, while a lower-pitched one suggests a bigger speaker. It is interesting to note that another study indicates that it is not really pitch that we potentially find attractive but the female voice closest to our own in terms of tone. This wouldn’t be surprising since we look for mates with similar traits to our own in several regards.

Healthy and long hair

By now, all those shampoo adverts should have made it clear to everyone what hair types and hair problems exist. However, it is less widely known that this is so important because we instinctually associate long and beautiful hair with health and fertility.


A beautiful woman’s smile can brighten up the day of any man. Of course, it is suitable not only for this purpose but for winning the attention of men as well, since a smile implies confidence and stability, and it is also a basic tool of flirting. This is why it is an important factor in female attractiveness. Researchers at the University of British Columbia found that in addition to a smile, white teeth can have a significance too as they are a good sign of health as well. An interesting finding of the same study is that women prefer smiling less; they favour their men with an impassive expression on their faces.

Less makeup

Natural is sexy – and science agrees. According to a study, men found those women more attractive who wore less makeup. The reasons behind this finding are still not known but it is easy to imagine that excessive makeup can raise suspicions about a woman’s true endowments, and thus it is considered less desirable.

Red is exciting

Yet another familiar trait that plays a decisive role for both sexes when it comes to appearance: the colour red. For men, this has both social and biological reasons, and it is no different for women either. The colour red is provocative, attracts attention, so it is highly relevant in terms of coquetry and has also became a symbol of sexuality throughout history.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul

Even if this is not always true, the fact is that the bigger, the more attractive are the glamorous, feminine eyes. Doe eyes radiate childlike innocence, which invokes the evolutionary instinct of protecting your partner, making an already seductive look even more attractive.

To test how well the above claims hold up, let’s take a look at the exotic dancer girls of the last hundred and twenty years, and while we are re-interpreting the word “exotic”, let’s be grateful for the fact that times are ever changing! ;)

(Forrás: Mindenki Másképp Egyforma)
(Fotók: Vintage Everyday)