COVID 19 protocol

Dear Guests,

Please take a look at the following information related to COVID- 19 pandemic:

  • According to the regulations in force, only guests with a immunity certificate can stay in the room.
  • In the store, our guests with a immunity certificate do not have to wear a mask.
  • For those who still want to wear a mask but do not have it, we will give it to them, of course.
  • In the lap dance area after every dance we are disinfecting.
  • Up on request we repeat the temperature check of the chosen girl before the lap dance.
  • The bar is disinfected on a weekly basis with ozone disinfection machine.
  • All staff members are COVID tested on a weekly basis.

In case you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us,

With special care to your safety and regulations we are looking forward to seeing you,
Stay safe and have a great time,

Marilyn staff